HR Resources Consulting

We can help your organization and management staff work through some of the most challenging HR-related matters with the least risk.

Some examples of why we might be contacted are as follows.

Complaint Resolution

What happens when an employee makes a complaint to their manager? What is your process, and is there an escalation past that point? We help you implement your internal complaint resolution process. We can also help your company understand best practices to investigate, document, and resolve complaints.

ADA Interactive Process

Does your company have a solid process for handling ADA-related requests? For instance, hypothetically, say an employee is out for three days or more and provides a doctor’s note that says they will not return until they feel better. In this scenario, the employee hasn’t been with the company very long and isn’t eligible for any leave of absence. What does your manager do? Did you know this type of scenario, regardless of your company policy, could potentially trigger the need to have an interactive dialogue with the employee to understand the issue and decide if any accommodations would help them do their job?

FMLA Leave Requests

Sometimes an FMLA leave is pretty straightforward; sometimes, it intertwines with ADA Interactive Process. An excellent example of one such case is found regarding a woman who worked for Boston University. The woman was granted an FMLA Leave for the birth of her baby, was then given an extended leave (not FMLA) for postpartum depression, but then was fired when she asked for a third unpaid leave of absence. What did Boston University do wrong? The courts found that Boston University failed to engage in the ADA Interactive Process, a step that can be missed when a company believes it has already done everything they are obligated to do. They still have to engage in that interactive process, even if the result is the same. Our company helps you navigate these complicated scenarios.


Perhaps your company already has a timekeeping system in place. However, did you know it is a good idea to have your employees approve their timecards in addition to the manager approving them? Why? Employees could claim they were working off the clock or after hours and forgot to log the time. This is a scenario that has come up at many companies. To mitigate the risk of unknowingly failing to pay an employee for their work, the employer will want to have a system to ensure the employee has signed off on the final timecard before payroll.

FLSA errors are common and could include errors in classifying your employees as exempt or nonexempt. Our company helps audit your classifications and helps put policies in place to pay correctly.

Policy Creation

Maybe something occurred, and you had no written policy for that. Your employees deserve to understand company expectations. We help create policies according to your standards as a company.

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