Are HR Issues Affecting Your Bottom Line?

According to Chris Kolmar, co-founder of Zippia, “On average, start-ups take three to four years to be profitable. Typically, revenue and sales labor are priorities for an organization.”

HR-related risks can cause a start-up or small business to fail or involve high litigation costs and legal deliberation. Increased costs to hire competent HR staff or internal legal counsel are usually not something start-ups and small businesses budget adequately for. Outside legal counsel will often recommend HR Consultants for clients lacking adequate processes to limit the risk of litigation.

Employee Engagement & Culture Initiatives

More than half of the U.S. workforce is not engaged at work. Globally, only about 15% of the workforce is actively engaged. Engagement has been linked to better profitability, higher employee retention, higher employee satisfaction ratings, a higher feeling of appreciation, and less waste of company resources and money. HR Consultants often focus on culture initiatives and bring experiential benefits and perks to employees. They are used as agents in HR eNPS studies and surveys within the organization to provide employees with a way to voice their top concerns. HR consultants are in a position to suggest concrete actions to improve the employee experience and greater levels of engagement.

Implement Employee Lifecycle Strategies, Like Onboarding.

Organizations with solid onboarding strategies and programs increase new hire retention by 82% and improve productivity by 70%. Some top reasons an employee leaves a job involve poor onboarding, a lack of career advancement, pay and benefits, and a lack of fit. Poorly onboarded employees tend to feel less connected to their peers and management. HR Consultants can assess the current onboarding systems and weave in some topics that lend to an employee’s feeling of growth, focus on experiential benefits, and offer significant mentoring to feel connected.

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