Employee Relations

We can help with conflict resolution, respect, and dignity initiatives that include “tone of voice” within your organization. We can help build the right policies and strategic planning that trains and facilitates better workplace interactions.

What is Tone of Voice?

When we discuss the tone of voice, we are referring to how people communicate and the tone they use. We believe this starts with the top management and how they treat others. We inspire critical and introspective thinking that surrounds the tone of voice in your organization. This dramatically influences positive employee relations. Especially where difficult conversations are involved, feelings and tone of voice can be affected. Workshops and team building that improves employee actions in this regard is something we can help with.

Respect and Dignity

Closely linked to the tone of voice is how you treat an employee. When discussions are difficult, ensuring the employee leaves that conversation feeling respect and dignity can be challenging for the one initiating the conversation. Every process, policy, and strategy we build for your organization ensures these two elements are considered. 

When Things Go Wrong

People are people, and despite the best planning or training, people get upset with each other. We have experience mediating or training your HR staff in mediation techniques. 

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