HR Compliance

We are often consulted on policy creation that helps mitigate risks to the company and safeguards employees. 


We help you comply with state and federally mandated benefits and create policies for those. Some states require benefits or leaves that exceed what federal law requires. We help you navigate those state and jurisdictional benefits by implementing them and creating policies surrounding them.


We help develop policies based on the needs of your organization. We have many policy templates that we tailor to your company. 


We help by training your managers and employees in compliance matters. How to handle difficult conversations or difficult employees. Managers are trained to be good leaders and how to treat the people that report to them. We also train in applying compliance with state and federal laws so that managers lower the risk of the company or themselves being sued.

Employees are trained in where to find and how to follow company policies best. They also learn how to report workplace issues properly.

We train in various areas of the employee handbook and company policies for all employees.  

Workplace Investigations

Sometimes a complaint rises to the level of needing a workplace investigation. This is a highly sensitive situation that often needs outside, unbiased help to maintain the integrity of the investigation. Additionally, you will need well-documented records of the overall process, interviews, outcomes, and decisions related to the outcome. 

Other Areas of Compliance

There are many more areas of compliance that may pop up in your organization. We are ready to take your call if you need help. Fill out the “Contact Us” form or book an appointment below.

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