HR Start-Up

Many newer employers or entities struggle with simultaneously performing HR activities and ensuring that they focus on the right things related to revenue and retention.

How We Help

We are there to build your HR functions, strategies, and policies. We help establish payroll, benefits, hiring practices, compliance, and technology. We help you provide your employees with a great workplace environment.

We have successfully helped companies in the USA (whether they originate internationally or not) start their HR function. We research statutory requirements according to the number of employees and establish contracts, offer letters, confidentiality, and non-compete language as acceptable by region. We study and design proper benefits, leave policies and pay practices that comply with each region. We set up the background and screening as acceptable by region. We develop training, wellness programs, occupational safety policies, collaborative agreement compliance, and more.

HR Staff

Are you ready to have in-house HR, or are you still at the point where you wish to outsource the function? Either way, we can help by being your preferred HR Partner or recruiting and training your HR staff to operate within your organization. 

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