HR Planning and Strategy

When we help your company with an HR strategy, we create culture transformation initiatives, design eNPS surveys and employee satisfaction programs, plan employee engagement and implement programs that align with your corporate principles and values.

Employee Lifecycle Management

We assist by identifying gaps in your current programs and building strategies for each stage of the employment lifecycle within your organization. 

Attract & Hire

What picture does your company paint when it comes to how it is to work there? What do you want people to think and feel about your company brand? This is part of the equation of people’s attraction towards your company. We help develop the picture and build processes around your goals for attracting the right talent.


Once you have found the right talent, onboarding is critical as one of the first steps toward retaining them. We help you develop your company’s onboarding program and train managers to deliver.

Performance & Career Pathing

Growth opportunities should never stop, even if your organization doesn’t provide an immediate promotion for an employee. We show you how to ensure your employees always feel a sense of professional and personal growth. 

Training & Development

A common mistake is to hire a new employee with good experience and assume everything will translate to your company and way of doing things. However, every employee deserves proper training and feedback on how they can develop further. We help build the structure of this process.

Rewards & Recognition

How do your employees like to be recognized? What sort of rewards system will mean the most to them? We research what is working at the top places to work and then tailor a program for your company that corresponds with your company’s core values. 

Retain or Exit

Even the best companies have to plan for the exiting employee. How do you build dignity and respect into this sometimes-challenging part of the employment lifecycle? Whether the employee is leaving by choice or not, each exiting employee leaves behind several others watching the company’s attitude and process. Also, exiting employees affect morale internally and branding externally. Strategies surrounding turnover response and treatment of the exiting employee should show the utmost dignity and respect, regardless of the situation. This is possible to achieve!

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