I have the pleasure of working with Gina, currently. She moves fluently between HR strategy, company culture thinking, different country cultures, and operative HR topics. I am happy to recommend her for any HR initiative!
Miika Mäkitalo
Current Client, CEO. HappyOrNot Oy, Tampere Finland
I met Gina at the end of 2018 while taking on a new challenge to lead a sales organization through a transformation, and to meet new aggressive high growth revenue targets. Gina was instrumental in the business, leading HR, and played a critical role in the development of a complete end-to-end talent management life cycle program, which ultimately helped the company achieve its objectives. She’s an absolute expert in state and federal Department of Labor laws that apply to the workplace, she understands the importance of balancing cultural values with maintaining structure and processes to ensure a healthy and happy work environment, and advises from a position of thought leadership. She introduced me to new resources, like Caliper, which has become a cornerstone of my talent acquisition process, and helped me to adopt a true partnership philosophy between Sales and HR that resulted in a high performing organization. Most importantly, she knows how to create a vision aligned with the business goals, and to develop a plan and execute the steps needed to get there. Thank you Gina, for the wonderful learning experience and for your unwavering dedication to people, and creating a positive and productive workplace!
Jesse England
Former VP of Sales, HappyOrNot
I had the pleasure of working with Gina for over 2 years at HappyOrNot Americas. Gina is a great HR leader and helped lead the company and staff through many challenging situations with great skill and aplomb. Gina is a caring and dedicated HR professional, well versed in employment law and compliance. When she came on board she quickly assessed the situation and saw many gaps and she was able to quickly implement a successful compliance program, including developing/updating the employee handbook and creating a benefits package. During the past two years she has been a great resource to the staff for coaching and support and has taken this company from having no HR in place to HR operational excellence. Gina regularly assesses staff satisfaction levels and introduces ideas to improve morale. Recently, Gina put together a COVID-19 response and business continuity plan. She demonstrated thought leadership in how to address this difficult situation and put many innovative actions in place, including staff guidance and brainstorming session on how to keep connected, regular, cross-function, management check-ins with staff members and overall open and transparent information flow in order to help employees feel better and ultimately, be happier and more productive. I have greatly enjoyed working with Gina and HappyOrNot became a much better workplace for employees based on her leadership. From my experience I am happy to strongly recommend her.
Todd Theisen
Former President at HappyOrNot, Americas
Gina is a not just an amazing HR professional, she is a wonderful person. I had the privilege of working with Gina for four years. It was truly a pleasure gaining invaluable knowledge from her, as she mentored me. Her diligent guidance and encouragement for my professional development paved the way for me to attain the HR Generalist role that I enjoy today. During her 20+ years at IWS, she fostered a bond with the team that felt more like family. Employees were comfortable approaching Gina and confiding in her, she always made herself available to give a listening ear. Her many years of experience and deep HR knowledge, coupled with her compassionate nature, proved to be a reliable and reassuring resource. She is one of the hardest working, dedicated people I know. She is an asset for any company fortunate enough to work with her.
Lisa Gonzales
HR Manager at IWS
I joined IWS in 1998 as an Assistant Controller and was assigned responsibility over the HR function. I was introduced to Gina on my first day which began our 20-year working relationship together. Over the years, I have watched Gina grow into a true HR leader. My opinion is that one of the most important traits to being a successful Human Resources representative is to have the ability to talk to and connect with everyone in the organization, no matter what title they hold. Gina has this gift – she was approachable, compassionate, and very easy to talk to – for every person in the organization. Throughout the years, we had our share of personnel issues to work through and Gina handled them all professionally. She kept management informed while thoroughly investigating any claims and always had well thought out alternatives on any corrective actions necessary. Our working relationship was one that is rare in today’s environment; it is not often that you can depend on one person to handle the HR aspect for an organization for 20 years. We built an implicit trust and respect for one another while continuing to build and shape the company’s culture. Gina is a creative, driven HR individual who will continue to make an impact to any company that is lucky enough to work with her.
Eric Wikander
President at IWS
I was lucky enough to have Gina as the HR practice leader at IWS, and worked with her for many years. During our time together, as you might expect, the company went through a series of typical but challenging events related to HR. During those times, Gina was always a voice of both compassion and policy based professionalism. In fact, she made it look somewhat effortless. Our employees trusted and respected Gina and she was a valued resource, especially in the areas of benefits and creating an environment of safety and workplace respect. As a CEO, having a dedicated professional like Gina might be easy to take for granted until one of you moves on, and then you realize the quality of the resource and support. Gina was a tremendous asset in the areas of training and recruiting, and in particular was indispensable as the company made a huge transition to new ownership, new facilities, and new benefits programs and policies. She is a highly effective, informed and adaptive HR leader and would be an asset to any organization.
Jim Hawk
It’s rare that you come across a standout HR professional like Gina. I had the pleasure of working with Gina to fill key executive roles at her organization. She is a team player and approached our firm with a willingness to collaborate. I was particularly impressed with the passion she has for her business and her employees. This shows in the level of precision Gina puts into her recruitment process and making sure candidates are a perfect fit with her internal teams. As an HR Business Partner, she earns my highest recommendation.
Gaëlle Nugent
Corporate Recruiter

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