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Human Resources Consulting

We can help your organization and management staff work through some of the most challenging HR-related matters with the least risk.

Employee Relations

We can help with conflict resolution, respect, and dignity initiatives that include “tone of voice” within your organization. 

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HR Compliance

We are often consulted on policy creation that helps mitigate risks to the company.

Role Definitions

Though it may seem simple, helping define “who does what” within your teams is critical. Managers and team leads often have this well established in their planning and within their minds but may have difficulty creating the document shared during the hiring process.

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Compensation Analysis and Competitive Benefits

While many employees will stay (within reason) in a job for experiential factors over transactional ones, they often must decide to look outside when pay practices do not keep up with the market and industry standards.

HR Start-Up

Many newer employers or entities struggle with simultaneously performing HR activities and ensuring that they focus on the right things related to revenue and retention. We are there to build your HR functions, strategies, and policies, establish payroll, benefits, hiring practices/compliance, and technology and provide your employees with a great workplace.

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Employee and Manager Training

We have a variety of training programs that teach managers to inspire their employees. We also design and deliver compliance training, including, Anti-harassment, ADA Interactive Process, Performance Management, and proper dialogue documentation.

HR Planning and Strategy

When we help your company with an HR strategy, we can create culture transformation initiatives, help design eNPS surveys and employee satisfaction programs, plan employee engagement, and implement programs that align with your corporate principles and values.

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